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Question by NINE: My X10i wont charge anymore, any solutions or should i throw it away?
I tried changing battery
I tried charging from the AC socket and laptop as well but all is in vain sigh
I tried different charging cable
I tried charging for whole 12hrs then batt level would go upto 10%
Contacted my retailer and showed him the problem, he said he could only give me a new battery in warranty or something
Phone is only 5 months and 7 days old

Best answer:

Answer by thebestok
sounds like an internal faulty charging block a couple of resolutions:

- get an external charger, this allows you to charge your battery seperately to your phone, used with 2 batteries it can be even more useful. they available cheap on ebay for under £10 or even cheaper from abroad. a tip when looking for a battery, select one with a higher Mah, so the phone lasts longer (but of course is longer to charge too!) an example is on ebay : please be aware though due to the recent scenario in the far east do be aware of delays if ordering from asia.

- phones as standard do have a years warranty, contact sony ericsson directly ( may wanna see a your proof of purchase) from here they may be able to replace via warranty or quote a repair charge and either send out a courier for pick up or alternatively direct you to the nearest sony ericsson repair centre.

-finally consider having phone insurance, faults like this would usually be covered, perhaps even a good idea contacting the network to see if they willing to provide an early upgrade due to the issues on this phone if your on contract.

hope this is helpful, if it is please vote it as best. many thanks.

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