Sony Ericsson k750i mobile phone.?

Question by lightdeltablue: Sony Ericsson k750i mobile phone.?
I want to transfer movies to my sony ericsson k750i from my computer, but when i finally upload them onto my phone, i cant access them, it just wants to send them via Bluetooth/Infrared.... any help?

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Answer by Shockwave
How are you converting your movies to be played on your phone? You need to get hold of a converter, I use 3gp converter which does the trick on my k800 and my ipod video, and its as simple as drag and drop, then upload.
Also, what program are you using to transfer the files between your computer and your phone? I found the official SE software not very good, and instead i use a program called "My Phone Explorer" or also known as "Sony Ericsson Phone Explorer". Put that into google and download the software, you will see instantly how much better it is than the rubbish SE give us.
Also, as for the 3gp converter, again, insert this into google and download accordingly.

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  1. after connecting your phone to PC , try copying videos to this location : L:MSSEMCMedia filesvideo
    “L: ” is your memory stick drive .

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