7 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Vivaz: Set a video as your ringtone”

  1. you need to click to Convert them first. But i guess you figured that out since your message was 6 months ago. What i don’t like about Vivaz is that when i select an mp3 i can’t get a preview sound. Just a minor downside. It’s just that i have like 1000 songs on it and don’t know all the titles out of my head. (Most of them being housemusic). So i have to write down what track i like and then select it. While on most phones you can listen to you ringtone you set. :)

  2. I don’t have that?? do you need to have a new software or something?? Or is that the Vivaz pro??

  3. hi i need help, i recently got this phone and i have trouble transfering my tracks through my computer. when i put my tracks into the music folder and on meh phone and go to media i cant see any tracks which i transfered.so i need help thanks.

  4. I could do that on my old N95 as well. I do have a vivaz now. If people are thinking of buying it. Remember its way smaller than it looks. Also if you buy it, before doing anything else upgrade the Pc suite then the phone software. The first edition of the phone software is sluggish and freezes sometimes. Another thing to think about is that the stylus isnt attached to the phone, i know what you think who use it anyway, i do all the time. Not when surfing but when playing games.

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