Sony Ericsson W595 Repair

Sony Ericsson W595 Repair

My sister Sony Ericsson W595 earpiece no sound. First I suspect the speaker part. When checked deep inside two line of the main ribbon from back to front pan...
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This is some more tricks! 😀 ( Remember: the movies is filmed by a mobile camera. Xperia X10 Mini Pro. Thank You For Watching. )
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22 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W595 Repair”

  1. Hi. I think I have same problem here. I just replacet new speaker but still
    no sound. I just had ordered this ribon. I hope it will fix it. Thanks for

  2. There is speaker part and main ribbon part. Seem your case like mine.
    First, I replace the speaker part but same no sound. Then replace main
    ribbon and it fixed. Perhaps these two.

  3. @believas21 thanks. Yes there was a thin ribbon about 2line lay next to the
    keyboard. Yup this is goes to speaker. Check if it physical defect. You
    need to change if yes. But also check the main ribbon. If it got teared and
    some line there cutted, it obviously need to change like mine. I just not
    video all of it I am amatur :).

  4. I just wanna ask if what’s the problem of your unit if it off after u on
    it, the logo does not appear anymore…is is on the battery of the unit

  5. that is the most eazy problem to solve when your phone is broken ypou just
    open and replace the main rebon becouse it conects the screen with

  6. I see. It was equal to 79.42 in our currency. The speaker ribbon below 30
    in my country about 8 EU . Worth ed

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