Sony Ericsson w810i flash menus (READ INFO !!!!!)

Some new Walkman w810i flash themes.. added throught FAR after decustomization .. If you like the video, please RATE IT! Thanx Name of the song : Jazzanova - Bohemian Sunset SK: Nove temy pre Walkman w810i.. pridane boli cez FAR po decustomizacii (a umrtveni).. SOME TIPS : linking is forbidden so you have to google some detailed tutorials .. I'll tell u some info just shortly : firstly - make sure you have editable CID(be SURE to use the newest version of XS++) UPDATE : There is a newer procedure, which allowes you to patch your phone, so you don't have to use FAR (for decustomising your phone or adding flash files). Patch is much more simple, try to search the forum linked below for tutorial. 1. You will have to flash MAIN firmware with a small file - which will make your phone accessible for FAR manager (program using NON-brute forcing method - to get to the matrix of ur phone) ( you are not flashing the file system - ie you will not loose your data and settings (as far as i know) - and if you already have flash menus allowed (3 which come with the new phone) - so you don't have to decustomize ur phode.. (it's easier for you - you do not have to debrand operator changes) 2. After making ur phone accessible with short - 5- blocks firmware , you will have to use FAR MANAGER to get into the matrix. 3. Than you will copy the flash files (available on the web) into the specific folder (u will surely get some tutorials by searching the web) 4. Than you'll have to reflash your ...
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Question by Jonny F: my sony ericsson cannot receive text messages from most people, it can send texts and receive and make calls.?
the call centre didnt help, any tips? thanks

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Answer by Halo Wiz
Well you can take it back if it has a warn on it. or you can go to the place the plan or you just the phone from and they will give you a phone number to call and they can send you a new phone within 3 or 2 days(you will lose some of you data). or just get a new phone

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  1. @E1SUNZ found on google and gathered from tutorials found on the web. See dowload link in video description but i dont know if it´s still working.

  2. Hey i know this vid is old but just needed 1 simple answer:
    Where did you find those themes? Thanks!

  3. i don’t posses the phone anymore.. as you see the date of the video, i guess you get I don’t remember the flash processes anymore :( As I remember, reverse the process is possible everytime, you just have to download original firmware and flash it with it. Try to search the google, I can’t help you, sorry.

  4. I need help I started unsuccessfully flashes but the phone is started when you turn it on to me how to flash it back to the old? I pray for help!

  5. hello can you suggest me some applications that can be used for sony ericsson w810i.? thanks

  6. hay.,.,,,… can u upload that theme to 4shared or rapidshare please.,.,., i try to make theme self,.,.but it can’t work,.,,.,,please,.,.,. just 1 or 2 theme??

  7. sorry man, i can’t help you, because I haven’t seen such a problem. Try to reflash your phone again.

  8. Скажите пожалуйста это прошитый телефон, или нет?

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