Sony Xperia Z – Knife Screen Scratch Test

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45 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z – Knife Screen Scratch Test”

  1. Awesome video you know you actually did me good i was actually pissed by my
    terribly scratched screen, i didn’t know there was a screen protection
    installed, guess what i peeled it off and my phone is like new!!! thanks

  2. WHAT THE FUCK!!! Why would you even do that with a phone! Your surprised
    you can feel scratches? Hey no shit!! You just took a knife and and made
    scratches… Not normal wear and tear! 

  3. This is why a always have a screen protector over the first onez i love
    sony and swear by it all my technology in my house And it hasnt let me down
    yet! :-) 

  4. dude you scratched it with a knife and only protector was damaged and you
    are still complaining?

  5. So, if I’m not wrong, you’re basically complaining about having one pretty
    strong screen protector regularly installed for free on your phone.

  6. Broke my phone. Didn’t save any money. Only lost money. You are a horrible
    person for tricking people into breaking their phones like this. Thanks for

  7. it doesn’t work for newer xperias if you remove your battery you can check
    the FCC ID if it writes 12W09 (as i remember) or older (12W08 / 07 etc…)
    it works if it’s more like 12W10 / 11 it doesn’t. Like this comment so ppl
    will know :)

  8. to good to be true…..i have done this several times and for nothing…..5
    lost minutes from my life for nothing…. better at a service and it is for

  9. i think my phone is fucked because of it :( ….. omg …….. when i turn
    it on? its kee showing that same :( can someone help me ? :(

  10. You amazing person! Did this with great ease, if I had the money I would
    defo donate, for now though I shall subscribe etc etc.. p.s any easy root
    method for xperia arc lt15i? Preferably without a computer? Many thanks!

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