39 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z Tips & Tricks Episode 5: How To Save Battery with STAMINA & Other Useful Features”

  1. mine is the same maybe it is because what stamina mode does is turn off
    wifi data and other wireless connections you most likely have all of them
    off so there isnt much to shut off

  2. Are u sure? cause I’ve been searching for that on google and alot of people
    told me that it dosen’t take battery at all (it only takes about 0,05% from
    100% a hour or like that)

  3. Any idea how to get free apps on it, through torrents, or a particular
    website?…without rooting

  4. You have a wart on your left thumb. You should get that iced by a doctor to
    prevent an abscess. Nice video.

  5. I just bought a xperia z,, and when i connected it in a computer, i can’t
    find the “Safely remove Device” so i just unplugged the usb.. is that
    safe?? and can you help me how to safely remove the xperia z?? thnx … :))

  6. Hi, I have a problem..when I turn on the stamina mode it doesn’t changes
    the battery life. Please help cause you seem like a smart guy;)

  7. There could be various possible reasons for this, so in case you got your
    unlock code from us, please click “Support” -> “Support Desk” and create a
    ticket about this issue so our support team can troubleshoot this quickly.

  8. Why can’t the verizon version be unlocked? I found the sim card slot on
    mine, it should work the same as any other right?

  9. @cellfservices How about now? I do have an official receipt in my mailbox,
    so it should be in there now… But yeah, is the Sony Ericsson unlock
    working again?

  10. so if i had a pay as you go plan on t mobile and i got this phone unlocked
    would it work if i put my sim card in?

  11. Hello I wanna unlock my xperia play of AT&T and I wanna know if before of
    buy a code .. The mobile phone without a sim card must appear a
    advertisement that says introduce a unlock code?. Or automatically at put a
    different sim card requests a unlock code? Regards.

  12. @zlirazasupreme – I’ll let you know once I get a response from
    @cellfservices or the website, so just wait a bit longer :3

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