Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE: Tips & Tricks (Share Yours)

Here are some tips that you may or may not already know. Share yours in the comments...
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http://www.droid-life.com - For months I have been dealing with a broken lock screen and could not find the source of the issue. Thanks to a tip received tod...

31 thoughts on “Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE: Tips & Tricks (Share Yours)”

  1. If anybody is interested in getting or taking screenshots without having to
    “root” your phone: press the power and the lower volume buttons at the same
    time and you’ll get it.

  2. Did not know about the multi-finger scroll on the gallery. I didn’t expect
    to learn anything lol.. It also works for text messages and email.

  3. Did not know about the multi-finger scroll on the gallery. I didn’t expect
    to learn anything lol

  4. love this video..oh yeah let me return a phone call that was under private

  5. It reboots faster from holding the power button down because that is
    supposed to simulate battery removal and replacing.

  6. 16gb..plenty compared to the first EVO. The space is divided between phone
    storage & app storage.

  7. It’s sounds like your speaker is damaged. No easy way to fix it. Sprint
    would probably give you a new one especially if it is less than a year old.

  8. You could’ve put in that if you hold down the camera button on the side,
    the camera app will open! Great video, I learned some new stuff!

  9. You actually screen shot on this phone by hitting the power button and
    quickly tap the home key at the same time.

  10. hey man, I’m having a problem with my HTC EVO 4G LTE if you can help me.
    The sound only works if I use headphones, won’t work when i put someone on
    speaker and also the phone wont ring only vibrates is there a way I can fix
    it? I tried to change the sound settings still wont work. Thanks!

  11. I just got my HTC One and an update came available so I updated it and now
    I can’t change the picture on the lock screen!. How can I change the lock
    screen picture

  12. Thank you SO much. I enabled Tasker-JB and I didn’t know that’s what broke
    it. I thought it was just an update HTC released. I have actually
    buttdialed 911 a few times because of this bug.

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