SPSN Preview – T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Show Ep. 1

Watch this special edition SPSN Service Show on demand! Take a look at this video and our entire library of on demand videos at www.samsung.com/spsn or just click bit.ly ! On this show, our mobile expert, Mary, gave you helpful hints and troubleshooting tips for the fantastic Sidekick 4G from T-Mobile!
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6 thoughts on “SPSN Preview – T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Show Ep. 1”

  1. @fthrizzi
    Same here i had an iphone 4 and i just got bored of it , and now with my sidekick i love my 4g speeds

  2. look, apple only has one phone and updates annually. i am pretty sure that the next iphone have dual core processorsand and 4g

    just wait

  3. i went from iPhone 4 to Sidekick 4G, iPhone lacked flash and is still 3G, and SK4G has flash and is 4G, so yeah.

  4. iFags below me. Like really, who goes to another company’s page and talks trash? What are you guys, 10? Apple doesn’t pay you to back up their company.

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