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Samsung LNT4065F picture setting??

Question by TBS: Samsung LNT4065F picture setting??
I am having trouble getting my picture settings right for my new tv..the model number is above....if anyone has this tv or a samsung similar in size, please tell me your picture setting or how I can get them right? thanks

Best answer:

Answer by marky
www.cnet.com has a review of this series of TV which includes their best settings

click on reviews
click on TV's
sort by brand
click on samsung
scroll until you find your model
read review and
click on "tips and tricks"

This will give you every exact setting. I also have the Samsung TV and used these settings as a starting point. I had to turn up "picture" and "backlight" a little cuz my tv is in a bright room with windows.

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Question by Yts: Samsung Note 3 or iPhone 5?
I got onto a new plan with my carrier which enables my husband and I to upgrade early. My husband is set on getting the iPhone 5s and will probably get it today or tomorrow. A manager of one of the accounts I visit for work showed me her Samsung Note 2 and it was pretty cool. The 3 looks even better. I had bad luck with my LG Optimus, also an Android due to low memory issues. I've had decent luck with my iPhone 4 (but have gone through 3 in 1.5 years due to speaker issues). Our family are very competitive with cell phones, especially my in laws and we. Anyways, should I go the Note 3 route (when it comes out) or just get the 5s?

Best answer:

Answer by Dos-The Biggest Real Madrid Fan
I dont know about' ya but personally i would completely avoid the note as its too big .. personally for me i like carrying

So Iphone 5 but i suggest Samsung galaxy S3 or Htc One they are awesome both phones are better than iphone

good luck enjoy

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App that lets you take a picture and get information about it?

Question by Kestra: App that lets you take a picture and get information about it?
So the other day I heard someone talking about an app for the windows Nokia 920 (the same phone I have) and they said it was a camera app where you could take a picture, the phone/app would scan it, and then it would tell you information about whatever you took a picture of. Does anyone know what this app is called? Because I would really like to get it.

Best answer:

Answer by Simon
Sounds like you mean this:

"Get more from the neighbourhood you’re in with Nokia City Lens, our exclusive augmented reality app. It gives you an intuitive way to navigate the real world. Point the camera at a city street, look at the viewfinder and see up-to-date info on what’s around – from restaurant reviews to places of interest – overlaid onto the live image. It’s a whole new way of looking at things."

From "Exploring and getting around" on Nokia website:

Happy exploring!

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How to get the best picture from a LG M197WD 19″ LCD TV?

Question by Joe: How to get the best picture from a LG M197WD 19" LCD TV?
The picture is good, but i think it could be better, if anyone has any tips please comment and help

Best answer:

Answer by Robert W
Connect it to an hd source with an hdmi cable. That will improve both audio and video.

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