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Q&A: settings for the Nokia n95??

Question by Danny z: settings for the Nokia n95??
So i buy the n95, and upgrade to the media max 200 (which allows me internet and mms messaging) but the phone isnt set up for it and when I went to the At&t store they said they dont support the set up for an unlocked phone.
Does anyone know the settings to get my phone to recognize the at&t media like the internet and mms messaging?
many thanks!

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Answer by Lou O
Here is the Tips and Tricks section of www.cnet.com. http://help.cnet.com/?tag=hd_ts
Search here and if you cannot find the answer ask here is the site map page:http://www.cnet.com/4520-6018_1-105833-1.html?tag=ft

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Question by Pratanu: How to use facebook chat in nokia x2-01?

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Answer by Cry Baby Obama
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What is the right combination for manual settings?

Question by M.: What is the right combination for manual settings?
Hello, Im new in photography and I have tried to use the Manual mode in My Samsung NX200. However the photos are always black. I found on Internet a comment that says its because Im overexposed. What exactly that means? How should I configure the camera to get a right shot?

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Answer by Forlorn Hope
not enough light getting to the sensor...

increase the light...

ISO increase
Aperture enlargement
shutter speed increased

and it all depends on the shot, to decide what the settings would be to get things RIGHT...

there is no magic setting to get things right EVERY TIME... you need experience... and knowledge... and experience...

take a shot on AUTO, then read the EXIF data to see what the settings were...

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Question by Mustafa: How can i fix the white screen of death on my phone without buying anything or taking it to a phone shop?
I have a samsung J700 and it got a blank white screen. How can i fix it by myself? It hasn't dropped on the floor or water, just happened by itself suddenly.
I tried resetting my phone and i have kept the battery out for like a day and it still wont work?

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Answer by Mike S
take it to your cell phone provider and they will fix it.

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