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how do i download music onto my sony ericsson w508i?

Question by sydney. m: how do i download music onto my sony ericsson w508i?
i have an apple computer and i want to download music on to my phone with itunes

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Answer by Sucring
Music files from iTunes are under DRM protection. You need a special program to help remove the protection mechanism and convert the iTunes music to MP3.

I have been using TuneClone Audio Converter for quite a long time. It does the trick! It can convert iTunes protected AAC(M4P), M4A, M4B, protected WMA, etc. to MP3, WAV, unprotected WAV with high quality at fast speed via virtual CD burning.

Below is its step by step user guide you can refer to:

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Sony Ericsson Tipp/Trick

Sony Ericsson Tipp/Trick

Kleiner Sony Ericsson trick der auf jedem Sony Ericsson Modell Funktioniert.

Question by promising.hope: Can you use Ventones ringtones for the Sony Ericsson W760a?
I'm thinking about getting it, and I would hate it if you couldn't. I'd rather make my own off of Ventones then buy any.
The Sony Ericsson W760a is with AT&T.

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Answer by lava
Ventones should work fine because AT&T phones are never blocked from getting free ringtones. I even use Ventones
on my iphone and it works all the time. I need to transfer it with a cable though and itunes. There is also this trick floating around where you dont even need to make your own ringtones on Ventones, just do this and it will work

(step 1)

login to your account on ventones

(step 2)

go to your My Ventones page and click on any ringtone that you have
already made in the past. that will take you to their "free ringtone preview page"
and that page will have a send to phone button. Don't click on it though!

if you have not made any ringtones in the past, go to the Ventones home page and click on the Mosquito Ringtone
link. That one will also take you to the "free ringtone preview page" and it will show
the Send to Phone button. Don't click on the Send To Phone button though!


Next open Ventones in a new window. Find the ringtone you want
(from their free ringtone page)
and click on it. that will take you to their "free ringtone preview page"
which will not have a send to phone button

(step 4)

Now go back to the first Ventones window (the one with the mosquito ringtone)
and select the option that you want. In other words, go through the process
of sending and clicking on the send to phone button.

You can either download the ringtone or decide to have it sent (texted) to your phone.
It will send you the ringtone you opened in the 2nd window

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