Ten good reasons that i should own a blackberry?

Question by bobby: Ten good reasons that i should own a blackberry?
I am 18, I am in college, my job deals with the internet, I am willing to pay for my data plan but my father does not want to take money from me, he thinks that i do not need it, any useful tips I can use to change the way he thinks, he is a stubborn old man.

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Answer by LittleBarb
You work, you are 18, pay for it yourself and leave your father out of it... get the service in YOUR name and that should solve that problem if you want a blackberry, PAY for it yourself.

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  1. emails sent directly to your device,,,,, look up class info right away,,, take note save them and send them,,,, set calnd events,,,, blackberry messenger,,,,twitter,,, google,,,record class lectures audio and video…. thats all i can think of

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