Tips and Thoughts on the Samsung Intercept Android Phone

After having the Samsung Intercept for two weeks here's a tour of the outside of the phone and some useful tips and thoughts on the phone.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I think (in my mind at least) it's official. PLS is better than IPS. This is hands down the best monitor I've ever used including my VA 30" beast at home.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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31 thoughts on “Tips and Thoughts on the Samsung Intercept Android Phone”

  1. If ya want to see what kinda tweaks I’ve done to the Intercept I have lots of videos on my channel if anyone would like to see them.

  2. Love the phone and very customizable. Runs faster with the tweaks found at SDX Developers website

  3. It worked very fine for me. But I didn’t play games. if you want a starter Android phone this works fine. If you can afford an optimus or one of the new ones I would go for them.

  4. @tanksandplanes, is it true that this phone is very laggy? many users are complaining but I’m thinking about buying one.

  5. If anyone’s going to watch a video and make rude comments on them, then why watch the video? People just say its a bad phone but it is not, its just that they aren’t patient enough to use a great phone.

  6. I never had the Slider so I couldn’t say. I’ve had 3 Android phone, Intercept, Optimus V, and now the Triumph. Definitely like the Triumph larger screen for my large fingers.

  7. I like the design on the intercept better than the optimus slider, minus the keyboard and screen res.

  8. I didn’t have problems with it when I used to have it. I knew it had limitations and could deal with them.

  9. Why on earth would you use this for a PS3? return it immediately and get a 1080p 3D monitor. The resolution of this monitor is like twice what the PS3 outputs- meaning it’ll look like shit. The only gaming that should be done on this type is with a top of the line PC. Current consoles can’t even begin to support that resolution. You will see no benefit in this over a 1080p monitor- as a matter of fact, it’ll look worse in most cases because it’s scaling the image.

  10. Most console games are only 1/4th the resolution of this monitor, but I guess it is hard to find a 1080p monitor this quality without going to the very expensive large TVs. But don’t sit too close, the 720p might scorch your retinas XD

  11. Linus, i bought this monitor and its coming tomorrow. I have a ps3 and a set top box. I bought a hdmi-dp adapter (dp-m ; hdmi-f) Although i am still concerned that it didnt say wether or not it is HDCP compliant on the website. Can you or someone please provide some info?! im at stress :X PLease thumbs up guys! means a lot!

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