19 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for Blackberry Q10 browser (part 1)”

  1. Great videos. Really are the most helpful BlackBerry user on YouTube.
    Actually take the time to explain + show. If I keep watching your videos
    I will be a master of the future Q20 I plan to buy.

  2. what phone did u use before the q10 ? coz it seems like its your first
    smartphone, your to exited it makes me feel smart

  3. Im happy you are happy Lynne, I believe i have a second video on tips for
    phone navigation as well. BTW I love you testimony! :)

  4. I have always loved Blackberry keyboards, but recently switched to Galaxy
    S4, mainly for the 13mp camera. After four weeks of trying hard to love to
    it, I have bought a Q10. 24 hours later and I SO love it! I’ve had a 9320
    and use a 9900 for work and they’ve both been great tools, but this is
    really awesome. Your tips are just fabulous, agentjucey! These tips for the
    browser are so cool! :)

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