Tips and tricks for the HTC one

Tips and tricks for the HTC one

Tweaks and apps I use for my HTC one, hope it's helpful, there is also a mobile data widget provided by HTC sense just long press on your screen and search f...
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Question by Coleman: Tips,recomendations or helpful links for my new HTC Tilt 2?
Gimme anything you've got that you liked or disliked with the phone,any info that might be interesting. :)

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Answer by zeяo™ undercoveя ®
i think HTC Tilt2 is....
+) powerfull performance, admirable User Interface (screen) on high resolution, a good internet and office device,
-) its batere is not too good also it's over weight
look for Tilt2 app here
Thanks ~

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7 thoughts on “Tips and tricks for the HTC one”

  1. You can’t actually turn off blinkfeed completely, you can put it on the
    WiFi setting, I rarely use WiFi, even if you did use WiFi a lot it still
    would save some battery since WiFi uses less energy than mobile data, it’s
    a trade off, and I do have sprint, and I was in the basement of a very old
    house, normally they’re pretty decent everything considering

  2. Mobile data Widgets themselves actually use battery. They’re 3rd party. I’m
    not sure if HTC has the feature where you can download there 3g Widgets and
    other setting wigetds like you could on the EVO. You can also go right to
    setting and hit the mobile data button and it’ll turn it off, not running
    any other 3rd party apps

  3. Hey, thanks for the video! How did you turn off auto refresh on blink feed?
    My only options are auto refresh on wifi or auto refresh on mobile data +

  4. @Dehrian, I’m using just regular HTC sense, but if you mean what browser
    I’m using sense, and @ bobbynightlife I’m not sure what you mean by swiping
    done with 2 fingers and as far as taking a screen shot you can also use the
    home button and the power button but I prefer to use the power and volume
    down button its harder of you have a case on your phone and they have to be
    hit at the same time

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