Tips for the HTC EVO?

Question by Alex Achaval: Tips for the HTC EVO?
My brother switched from the EVO to the Photon. The EVO is like 6 months old. He's giving me the EVO. I need tips for like battery etc.

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Answer by Carimbo
best tip... once you have, fully charge it, turn it on and baam hit it with a hammer, then throw it to the street and let a few cars drive over him and then pick whats left and set if on fire!!!

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One thought on “Tips for the HTC EVO?”

  1. ‎1. Use a dark background
    2. Turn off 4G and/or 3G when not using it
    3. Lower screen brightness
    4. Turn off WiFi/GPS/Bluetooth when you aren’t using it
    5. Turn off Mobile Data when not using it
    6. Lower screen time out delay
    7. Manually turn off the screen when not in use
    8. Turn off auto sync
    9. Turn off wireless location services
    10. Don’t use live backgrounds
    11. Turn off Window animations
    12. Don’t have a lot of widgets

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