Tips & Tricks for pulling a shot of espresso on the La Pavoni europiccola pre-millenium – Part 1

Tips & Tricks for pulling a shot of espresso on the La Pavoni europiccola pre-millenium - Part 1

This is part one of a two part video, which runs through pulling a shot on the La Pavoni. It was originally recorded to help someone on the Internet who was having trouble with their shots. Some of the information in the video may be of help to others who are using the La Pavoni, so I will leave the video up. Please feel free to comment and/or ask questions. Part two of the video is located here:

17 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks for pulling a shot of espresso on the La Pavoni europiccola pre-millenium – Part 1”

  1. I’m a novice to the world of espresso: I recently bought an inexpensive ‘Mr. Coffee’ machine and a cheap $20 grinder. This video was great for me because I got to see what kind of goodies the seasoned people are working with =P

  2. Many thanks for your speedy reply & kind offer. As I live in London I think I’ll just pound the allyways and find a small engineering company to do the lathe work. Out of interest, I purchased my machine in the late 80’s, it’s never gone wrong, I’ve only replaced one seal on the steam wand. I’ve always keep it de-scaled and greased, it still makes really good espresso. I’ve got a new set of seals but I’m a firm believer in that great American expression ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.

  3. Yes, that will work. I’ve done them on my lathe. It takes a little bit longer than using a hole saw, but the result is a little nicer. You can also leave a nice lip at the bottom when you use the lathe, which gives it a nice finished look. Just reverse the jaws on a small chuck and grab the PF from the inside. I can do it for you for a fee if you want, but I need to reassemble my lathe first. Feel free to contact me. Just cut slowly and then finish by hand and polish. Comes out nice!

  4. Hi Ray, I have the same machine as you and I’ve just got myself another portafilter which I going to convert to a ‘bottomless’. Do you think it would work if I got someone to machine the bottom off with a lathe?.

  5. – the Kyocera does a great job. It produces coffee grinds that are as consistent as many $1000 grinders. I’ve used the M3 Versalab grinder and other high end grinders and there’s really not all that big a difference between the quality and consistency. Just because it’s turned by hand vs. a motor doesn’t matter that much. The Hario is another hand grinder which does a fantastic job for espresso. How the burrs turn doesn’t matter. It’s the results that count.

  6. PS also ordered another one from London, closer to home at mtheobalds on ebay so I can see what works best.

  7. – Get yourself a single hole steam wand tip off ebay or from Orphan Espresso – that will make a huge difference when it comes to frothing milk. Just surf the tip as you expand the milk and run the temp up to about 140.

  8. Thanks for your tips. I checked and on setting 1 the machine draws 400 Watt, on setting 2 it draws 800 Watt so the heat elements seem okay. After practicing more I do get a good coffee with crema so it seems there’s no problem there. Getting the milk frothed right is the current challenge 😉

  9. – Could be your heating element is going out. Have you tried descaling the boiler? if possible, check the current draw. On the I setting, it should pull about 2 amps. On the II setting, it should pull more like 10 amps. Also, I have an adjustable pressure regulator on mine, so it’s not 100% stock in that area – that may have some impact on the steam level.

  10. Your La Pavoni seems to hiss more than mine on the number I setting. Mine only gets ‘worked up’ that much if I switch it on number II as if for frothing the milk. What do you think, should I (try to) adjust the valve?

  11. – could be that your boiler element is bad. Either that or there could be a problem with the wiring inside the base.

  12. I recently bought the same machine in a used condition but cannot get the steam to the point where it makes noise. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

  13. Hi, crema does sort of matter. Crema signals emulsification. The emulsified oils coat your tongue when you drink the shot. Once your tastebuds are coated the shot tastes “sweeter”. At least that’s what Dr Josuma (the “Malabar Gold” guy) said at Coffee Fest 2010 in Seattle Last year. Good drinking to you

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