Tips & Tricks of the iPhone (iOS 6)

Tips & Tricks of the iPhone (iOS 6)

My interesting and helpful top three tips and tricks for the iPhone running iOS 6. Tip #1 - Creating quick access for web-pages using home screen icons Tip #...
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Question by heatherxo91590: When I try to sync my iphone on itunes it says it cant be synced because of an unkown error. How do I fix this?
I need to sync my iphone but every time I try a window pops up and says "iphone cannot be synced an unkown error occurred (13019). What does this mean and how can I fix it so I can get my phone synced.

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Answer by A2theNON
ive had some kinda prob with this before iwth my ipod.....things you can try: unplug connector from both ends and plug back in, restart computer, install the latest version of idk, just tyring to help. btw you cute!

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