Tips & Tricks with Jussi Oksanen: Backside 360

Now you have 180 in the bag this should be pretty easy, it's the same thing, but you just keep turning your shoulder in the air.

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25 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks with Jussi Oksanen: Backside 360”

  1. How many spins have you been doing? I agree that all makes sense, but spinning just has to do with what you are comfortable with.

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  3. yeah.. it’s also different. i heard of it that bs are easier to spin than fs. either you like more to spin easier or to spot the landing. depends on people. some think spin is easier the other spot the landing. i think this is it why everybody says bs or fs are easier. I think you can’t say that cause It really really depends on everbodies Mind or however you say that. sorry i’m usually not talking english but

    Just try yourself and form your own opinion.

  4. D3rarsch
    frontside 180s are easier than backside 180s because you can keep your eyes on the landing the whole time. with a backside 180 you have to turn your head up the mountain.
    backside 360s are easier than frontside 360s because you can spot your landing during the last 180 of your rotation. on frontside 360s you are facing away from the landing on the last 180 of your rotation

  5. i hate to break it to you but a regular rider and a goofy rider doing backside 3s go in opposite directions…. (regular back 3 = clockwise, goofy back 3 = counterclockwise)

    backside means that in your first 90 your back is facing forward i.e. downhill

    so most of the time both goofy and regular riders find backside 3s easier to learn because you see the landing for the last half of the trick

  6. hmm sorry okay i had confused backside with frontside which landing is blind and which not.
    I but I think It is the same way for goofy or regular cause if you snowboard the opposite you also turn the opposite better.

  7. Lets get some things straight, there is a big exception which is it varies from person to person. Actually most goofy riders prefer backside and regular prefer frontside (same spin direction which would make sense). When talking about frontside 3s, the landing is harder because it is blind to you and you only see it the first 90 deg of rotation

  8. sure, but not at all

    backsides are easier to spin because is just so for every snowboarder(goofy or regular). no exceptions^^
    frontsides are easier to land because you see the landing earlier.
    I am regular and i think frontside 180’s are easier than backside ones but backside 360’s are easier than frontside ones

  9. I love this trick- but it HAS to be done over a big enough kicker.. :)

    this is faaar better than expertvillage 😀

  10. I love this trick! :) I got it okay from small kickers but have problems with bigger ones. I seem to be landing it on my nose. Any hints? I uploaded a video of one attempt I crashed.

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