Top 10 HTC Desire Battery Life Increasing Tips [HD]

Here are my top 10 tips on making sure your HTC Desire/Nexus One battery lasts as long as possible. I can easily get a day and a half out of my Desire when a...

Here is the New HTC One M8 Tips, Tricks and Tutorial Series. Learn how to use the HTC One M8 to it's full capacity with full tutorials on how to use all the ...

22 thoughts on “Top 10 HTC Desire Battery Life Increasing Tips [HD]”

  1. @DesireFanatics oh, ok! thanks alot, i’ve followed all your tips and for
    some reason I only got 2 hours 45 mins out of it before it died! I used it
    straight away when I got it and someone is telling me I shouldnt of used it
    at all until it was fully charged, are they right? ’cause if so I’m going
    to have to buy a new battery =(

  2. with htc Desire x i have no battery problem.. about 22 houers and 47min was
    my phone yesterday used on battery without charging.. twitter and fb are
    all day online and display brightness is max.. i have no root..

  3. great video lads…no crap..just info…but a bit fast at the start in
    getting widgits to try find them..but got them after a bit of
    messing around.. now to check out your site…thanks.

  4. i love it how the battery halves in the time it takes him to make the video

  5. There’s a huge debate on whether your final statement in the description
    box is true. I’m a little skeptical myself. What makes you say that
    draining the battery completely and then recharging betters the battery? I
    sort of see it from two perspectives…so?

  6. @Dotov What version of Android are you running? Are you going to the Add
    Widget screen? It should be called “Power Control”

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  8. @FuRyFriiTz No I don’t think so. I can only ever imagine this happening if
    you used the wrong voltage charger on your phone. They have a safety
    cut-off so they don’t overcharge themselves.

  9. @DesireFanatics oh ok thanks! =D but there was one day when i didnt bring
    it yet, he showed me on his other android and he was able to force in an
    app to the other phone. is it like he already put a program on that phone
    so he could use another android to control it?

  10. @ollymilton05 All tips are compatible on the Desire HD but you may find
    menus in different places etc depending on your firmware verison

  11. Can you do a video on talk back on the htc i will tell you how to turn it
    on. You go to settings then accessibility then you go to talk back then
    turn it on

  12. Awesome can’t wait for your other videos on the HTC one ,just got mine on
    Thursday,I switched from a iPhone 5 and I couldn’t ‘ve happier 

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