24 thoughts on “Top 5 Sony Xperia Z Tricks 2013”

  1. I didn’t know about 1 or 2 of those . . . .fair play to the author . .
    .sure its not the best video ever but I appreciate his effort and say
    Give him a break.

  2. Bro omg ur sik ur so gud nt really sorry I think everyone knew this but goo
    effort on trying to make a video

  3. sorry Maker of this video but it doesn’t seem like much of Tricks or treats
    in your video, your just showing the factory made features the phone comes
    with, sorry, i’m sorry but i’m sorry!

  4. Please can anybody tell me , whats RECOMMOND, my screen freezes after few
    seconds, i want to exit this

  5. wtf all of the sony smartphones have these features
    ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah they are not special for Xperia Z

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