17 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips to Increase BlackBerry Z10 Battery Life”

  1. To switch application quickly on a call. Press the menu key for 2-3 seconds
    which gets the application on your BB screen. Thanks for the video.

  2. Hi eAccess Solutions, thanks so much for the reply. I manage to retrieve
    the note. However, I have another problem. As of recently my blackberry
    curve 8520 shows an EN Icon (possibly a language indicator) on the top
    right corner of the screen that just won’t disappear except when your not
    using the type function. It even appears when I search for something. What
    can I do? I tried backing up and restoring the system, and it went away but
    reappeared a day later. Thanks, kdabey

  3. i knew the thing about the notes when you are making a call but i just dont
    know how to look at it when call ends!!!

  4. You accidentally ended the VoiceMail call! When you go to Home Screen
    during a call, a phone symbol and call timer can be seen in the top, left
    side of the phone. You should make another video sir. Regards.

  5. How you meant to listen and note at the same time is there a loud speaker?
    My BB 8520 is annoying trying to connect to my broadband internet using

  6. hi.. I tried the note taking function on my blackberry 8520 while on a call
    but it did not save… Why is that?

  7. Thanks so much for the reply. As of recently I’ve been having a rather
    annoying EN Language Icon that pops up whenever I try to type a message or
    search for something on the top righ corner of the screen and it won’t go
    away. By the way my phone is a BB curve 8520. What should I do? Thanks

  8. @TheUSNavyMarine – If you try calling the number, it won’t work, not
    active, just for demo purposes.

  9. i dont think you really want peole to see your number,…but when your
    showing you can see your number…. sorry.

  10. hi there !..ur videos are excellent ..wanted to ask u how i can ugrade my
    8900 javline os 4 to os 5 or os 6.. plzz rply soon.. regards

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