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With Beats audio integration and a 4.7 inch screen, the HTC Sensation XL really lives up to its name. Vodafone Australia's Device Introduction Specialist Kie...
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Question by CBS: Is there an Android App of clock/weather widget that saves to SD card?
I only have apps that save to the SD card due to the low phone memory on my HTC Desire. I have installed Go launcher but can't find a widget for Clock/Weather. I tried downloading a few but they save to my phone, does anyone know of any that save to SD card or that use as little phone memory as possible?

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Answer by Mike D
Widgets can't be stored on SD memory. Even if you can do it, they won't work.
If you wan't a clock/weather widget that looks like the built-in one: try "Sense Analog Clock"

Regarding the source of your problem... this is based on how HTC partitioned their memory for the HTC Desire and Incredible (and probably other phones as well). Only installing apps that save to SD is not your solution because it has nothing to do with the size of the app, just the amount of data it stores...

When you bring up the applications list and click on one it gives you:

Data is the one that causes the low space error message. HTC arranged their memory stupidly so you have only 150MB for "data" regardless of what the meters at the bottom of the page show you.

All you can do is individually click on the apps and press the "Clear data" button

Moving them to the SD card will not help.
Clearing the cache will not help.
Data is the only thing.

Now, which apps to clear the data for is the tricky thing. You have to use your brain a little bit
Internet... you're probably gonna clear all your history
Facebook... you'll clear your account and have to re-login next time
and so on

You can also read through this: but it may not make a whole lot of sense if you're not familiar with rooting, flashing roms, etc. The tips in that post will only work if you're rooted.
(also keep in mind that that post is for the Incredible, not the Desire. But the concepts are the same so it should explain the issue pretty accurately)

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