training mobile phone repairing P.C.B mother board INTRODUCTION .part 01 urdu

training mobile phone repairing.

Question by Journey: How much will it cost if i get my completely broken iphone repaired?
i cracked my phone but it worked perfectly, i bought a replacement lcd glass for the front and messed up all the screws and lost some of them around my house, it wont turn on even if i try to put it in dfu mode and when i plug it in to the charger it has the connect to itunes symbol. i tried to restore it but it wont go through all the way and it blinks on but it turns back off instantly. i've tried everything to fix it myself so i think i need to go get it repaired. if i give them the lcd replacement glass how much will it cost to get the phone repaired?

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Answer by AVDADDY
No one can answer that question without examining it in person.

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  1. Im looking for someone that can repair a motherboard on a blackberry. Does
    anyone know of anyone? Please reach out to me at stevenatvadentechdotcom

  2. aslam o alakam sheikh saheb kia hal he ap ka mobil training curs bohit acha
    huda ap ko khush rahe ap ne jes amandare se ye sab btay he muje us se buht
    faida howa he video clear nahe the please ap dobara ye sab video hd camera
    se bna kar lod kren please huda hafiz

  3. Dear brother : im Qasim rana from karachi. mainy 5530 kharida 1 hafty main
    charger jal gya new charger lia orignal 890mh out out wala woo 1 month mian
    jal gya .. ek or lia woo bhe jal gya .. bettery dikhai ormal hai .. app koi
    mashwara dain kia karun loge tu pakar k khole dain gye cell ko kia problem
    hoo sakti hai ?

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