tricks for lg battery charging problem?

Question by : tricks for lg battery charging problem?

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Answer by Renaissance Nerd
It is a charger, a cell in the battery failing, or a battery memory effect.

You can confirm you have a good charger if the same thing happens on your car charger or a friends charger.

A memory effect it is like an elevator in a 100 floor building. Fully charging and discharging lets you ride the elevator the full 100 floors. Charging them a little bit then discharging them a little bit lets you ride between the 50th floor and the 100th floor. Then the 75th floor and the 100th floor until all you can ride is between the 97th floor and the 100th floor. You need to recondition your battery or replace it. To recondition it, remove your battery from your lg and place a 1k 1/4 Watt resistor on the terminals for 24 hours, then fully charge it for 24 hours.

If that doesn't work, you most likely have a cell that has failed and need to replace your battery.

Take care - Garth

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