Unboxing the Kyocera Event

The full review is up! http://youtu.be/BCLCaEvFEOI Hi Everyone! This is a quick unboxing of the Kyocera Event. The Kyocera Event is a budget handset for Virg...
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12 thoughts on “Unboxing the Kyocera Event”

  1. I have this phone and it lags when I press the equalizer all the rest works
    just music players is garbage :(

  2. I was testing the camera out and unfortunately it doesn’t have autofocus. I
    don’t understand why Kyocera omitted such an important feature from this

  3. Nice hav the rise and this is the same exact thing except that its lighter
    cheaper and better looking

  4. Switch WiFi on and let me know how often the phone freezes. That is
    annoying as hell. Plus the crappy camera and lag issues and oh yes the
    touch accuracy isn’t that great. And even though you turn off spell checker
    it still wants to spell words it thinks you want to spell. But OK phone for
    60 bucks. Kyocera I learned to late is not known for good phones.

  5. I used Google Play Music while doing a few things on the phone and really
    didn’t have any lag while having the equalizer on. Not to worry it’ll do
    fine for streaming music through Google Play.

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