unlocked htc touch w/ t-mobile unlimited?

Question by bewswin: unlocked htc touch w/ t-mobile unlimited?
I live in america and i currently have t-mobile, with a sidekick and sidekick unlimited (unlimited text/internet/chat). im currently in hong kong and im looking at purchasing an unlocked HTC touch. will all my features (unlimited text/internet/chat) work with the unlocked touch?

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Answer by Jack of Diamonds
Yes the should work as long as you put the settings onto the phone correctly and it is a GSM phone that accepts SIM cards

The trick here is to make sure that the HTC touch is compatable with the bands in America. I believe T-mobile uses either the GSM 1800 or GSM 1900 band, make sure to get a phone that has that.

BUT from the website I'm looking at the HTC touch has both GSM and CDMA. Make sure you get the GSM version. Otherwise it won't work.

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