16 thoughts on “Using Metamorph to Install a Custom Theme – Motorola DROID”

  1. Hey, i literally got my phone rooted yesterday so i really dont know a lot about the whole concept of what is being changed but i am aware that the phone is able to get bricked from this. Before i do anything i want to know if (and what) themes are safe for the droid Razr

  2. Great vid, man. You said you have had some problems with Megamorph and I wanted to ask if you think it’s safe to use for someone who doesn’t have a stock ROM for recovery. I just rooted my Samsung Exhibit, but Samsung doesn’t provide the stock ROM for the device, so if something does goes wrong I’m SOL.

  3. bricked up my x10mini pro ,it just restart permanently , but I made an backup via ClockworkMod and I`m restoring . Restoring done … Starting up , it worked 😀

  4. i used this metamorph to install the ics status bar ,but when iapplied it ,the phone reboot and the status bar is gone ,how to get back the status bar?? can someone help me??

  5. Where’s a good site to get these, all I’m looking for is a transparent Notification bar for my LG Vortex.

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