13 thoughts on “W580i __ Flash menu – Skins – Camera driver __ Download All HERE”

  1. hey, can you please send me an explanation on how you do that? PS:bist du ein deutscher´╗┐ ???

  2. where to put this .swf files, i have flashed the firmware but it cannot have a flash´╗┐ menu because i do not know where to put these .swf files and also where to put these walkman theme

  3. i error´╗┐ in my xs++ 03:35:53| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED
    03:35:53| Error: FSX failed.

  4. YH, the SWF and THM file should be named the exact same. and if the theme is in the middle of the screen then the themes size is 176×144, you should be looking for 320×240 themes. google it you would find a´╗┐ lot,


  5. Do I need matching swf and thm files? Placing just one will ruin the phone?
    I put equaliser theme and swf, it wont cover´╗┐ the entire screen.!! just in the middle…
    How do i fix it? any suggestions??

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