What are good dancing hip hop songs?

Question by Gilberte: What are good dancing hip hop songs?
I have songs like "money in the bank" and "I get crazy" but I want a whole cd of them. Like real good ones that you can krump and wutang too. Im having a big party and i want people to snap. thanks.

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Answer by Mizz'Behavin
Walk it out & 2 Step - Dj UNK
Snap your fingaz & Get low- Lil Jon
Rock ya hips - Crime Mob
(Krumping) Where The Hood At - DMX
Get Krump - Flii Stylez
Crank that Batman - Pop off boyz
Party like a Rockstar - Shopboyz
Turn my swagg on - Soulja boy
This is how we do it - Montell Jordan
Do it to it - Cherish
Oh - Ciara

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  1. wipe me down-lil boosie
    shawty get loose-lil mama
    low-flo rida
    go girl-pitbull
    drop- ying yang twins
    trick daddy-let’s go
    get up-ciara
    right round-flo rida
    cyclone-baby bash
    Girlfight-Brooke Valentine
    dunk-soulja boy
    party like a rock star-shop boyz


    Here are some songs with dances to them:

    Swagg Surfin’
    Stanky Leg
    Bobby B
    Halle Berry
    Walk It Out
    Get It Ready
    Soulja Boy
    Ricky Bobby
    Johnny Bravo
    Hit Tha Dance Floor
    Chicken Noodle Soup
    Cupid Shuffle
    Wu-tang dance
    Slow Juke
    Lean wit it, rock wit it
    2 step
    Show out
    Pop, Lock n Drop it

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