what are some good cell tips?

Question by Edgar S: what are some good cell tips?
what would you say would be like the best deal on 2 phones,at a good price and good company.like what company,what plan,and what type of phone?

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Answer by Kitty Trix
It depends where you are.

I have Sprint.
I got the LG Rumor and its a very good phone. And right now Sprint has a buy one get one free for the rumor. There is a plan that is $ 99 a month and you get unlimited text and 1500 minutes along with unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7pm, but you can start it as early as 6pm. But when there is unlimited text there is more text than talk anyways.

Also, find out if you can get an employee discount. Just go to the store and ask if they give a discount for where you work. Most wireless stores do this, so ask around before you settle with a provider.

That's sprint. I'm sure others know about the other companies.

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