What exactly is a prepaid phone?

Question by hnin.: What exactly is a prepaid phone?
Okay, so my mom doesn't want me to get a phone with a 2 year contract so she said she's going to get me a prepaid phone. I'm not sure what it means - But I'm thinking about ordering a phone online or buying a phone from walmart and getting a sim card. Is that what she means about prepaid?


Also, tips on phones and stuff?

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Answer by Dan d
a prepaid phone has no monthly plan.
You pay for an amount of talktime in advance. When you run out of talktime you need to buy more time and "charge" your phone. IF you don't talk much its a nice way to have lowcost communications. IF you talk a lot, be prepared to pay a LOT.

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3 thoughts on “What exactly is a prepaid phone?”

  1. its a sim for your phone, or just the phone, that needs to have special cards you pay for first. So you already pay for everything, no bills. You use the amount of minutes or money to pay for your texts and calls and stuff i guess. I suggest a sidekick! lol idk if it comes prepaid, its really good and it may be old, BUT I LOVE IT!!! and you could buy it cheap i think lol

  2. prepaid phones are phones were you pay monthy or bi-monthy or whatever the case may be up front

    you pay before hand and then your account is alloted a certain set of airtime(minutes, texts, data etc) At the end of the period you buy more airtime.

    Prepaid you pay in advance and you can stop at any time

    as for recommendations. If you are in the united states Straight Talk goes through walmart decent phones are wal-marts are everywhere. two plans, one at $ 30 and the other at $ 45 Virgin Mobile is another prepaid with more higher end phones even a couple of android devices. Virgin Mobile starts at $ 25 a month for unlimited texts, web, and 300 minutes. They have a lot more plan choices. Virgin’s Samsung Intercept or Optimus V be my suggestions

  3. Probably the reason that she wants to get you a prepaid phone is because a prepaid phone strictly limits the number of minutes U can use. After U use your minutes U can only buy more, or U can’t receiver o make calls. In this way your Mom will limit your calls. The larger block of minutes U buy, the cheaper the minutes and the longer that they last.(some phones minutes expire in so many days or months. That probably won’t be a problem with you. )

    I changed to a prepaid plan. It is for people that don’t use their phone that much I will get about 2400 minutes per month for about $ 20 instead of the 1200 minutes for $ 25 when I had a monthly plan. But that is all based upon buying a $ 100 card for $ 105(taxes of $ 5) for 1000 minutes good for a year and already having the phone from T-mobile when I had a monthly plan.

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