What is the best blackberry phone that is reasonably priced?

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Question by Daniel: What is the best blackberry phone that is reasonably priced?
What is the best blackberry phone that isn't too expensive? with big screen, big keyboard, and good camera on it too. and also are there free apps for blackberry phones? are they like android phones?

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Answer by andrea
The Blackberry Torch is good (for the price).
I found them for really good prices on amazon! That's where I got mine. Much better than paying a ridiculous amount at the store.

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  1. The BlackBerry Q5 would be what you’re looking for. I have a Z10 and always been a BlackBerry user. With the BlackBerry Z10 (Q10) you get what’s called BlackBerry Balance which allows you to do business and play without having them interfere with eachother. If your phone was to ever be stolen or lost there’s an app called BlackBerry Protect which allows you to track your phone and keep it secure and if hacked the phone would do a full security wipe without your permission, just be sure you have all apps backed up in BlackBerry Link(security is the top priority. Even Obama has a BlackBerry). The UI is smooth to the touch (BlackBerry Flow) and allows for easy software navigation. It’s OS system uses a QNX Neutrino microkernel OS that enables the use of Flash and HTML5 capabilities and is prone to crashes (http://m.crackberry.com/history-qnx-and-it’s-implementation-blackberry-10), also known to be embedded in systems around us such as social networks, cars, hospitals and space shuttles to name a few( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGW76JB90Ro)which uses the C/C++ computing programing language (QNX is used in systems where the cost of failure is very high”- QNX CEO Dan Dodge) and is also an OS compiler running Android 2.3 Gingerbread (Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on update) Dalvik APIS, Adobe Air/Flash, and Java with QNX C/C++ native. It allows the option of Internet thetering so you could use it as a modem. The features of the hardware are limited. When you look at it you will realize there’s no home button. This phone allows for you to only use touch with multiple swiping gestures that takes time to get used to. This is the main feature that makes this standout among other phones such as the iPhone. Typing is much easier where with it you don’t even have to use type. All you need to do is start with the first letter and the phone will do the rest on it’s own (predictive text), just flick up the word of your choice.The camera has a timeshift feature that allows for you to choose the perfect shot and has a cool story maker app that allows you to make PowerPoint like videos combining videos and photos alike with background music added. Internet (4G LTE) is much faster than other phones. If you’re not familiar with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) well here’s your chance. This is the main reason why teens buy or have BlackBerry’s. This allows you to exchange your pin number to friends (those with BBM) and communicate with them but also has video chat (similar to FaceTime on iPhone but for BlackBerry) and screen sharing and BBM is also security encrypted. Unlike the iPhone the BlackBerry is also NFC compatible.The only thing this phones lacks is apps which it started with 70,000 and now has 120,000+ apps with more being added but allows for you to sideload Android apps.The phone can also be used as a gaming console.There are so many things this phone has that many others don’t and is considered the best phone in the market. Don’t get tricked into buying something that you might not like and end up being stuck with your choice. Do the research on the specs of each phone.

    Explaining the Difference:

    The difference between iPhone and BlackBerry

    To operate an iPhone you have a home button to push. You push it to turn it on and to get in and out of apps as with the BlackBerry Z10 you have no home button which means you have to use your fingers. To operate it you swipe up, left and right and to get out of an app you simply swipe up from the bottom.

    Fun Fact:

    Out of 600,000 phones the DoD uses, 470,000 are BlackBerry’s, 41000 are iPhone’s and 87,00 are Androids so BlackBerry wins in best security. (watch this ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY1ecfWT3GQ)

    * BBM might have been the reason to buy the older BlackBerry’s but that’s not the case with the new BlackBerry10 devices. This platform bought new features to the table and a whole different mobile ecosystem with no lags, malware, and better security all with QNX. They already gave people on the other platforms the opportunity to witness the BlackBerry10 OS from their phones (http://global.blackberry.com/static/blackberry-10/glimpse/index . html)and that was one reason why people switched and now they are bringing BBM to other platforms to lure in more people. BlackBerry has the most powerful mobile computing operating system (QNX) so seeing how BBM will be on the iPhone and Android platforms I say it’s a way for them to experience the new BlackBerry Messenger app new features (video chat and screen sharing) to regain their market share that they lost to the iPhone and Android phones. On their part its positive but even if they don’t gain consumers they’re still making money off the other platforms by allowing BBM service on other phones. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4l0SNyyP3E&list=FLni2YPopE_QrfuEsd5_U-yg&index=1)

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