What is the better wireless carrier for me?

Question by chickensuit21: What is the better wireless carrier for me?
We have 6 wireless cell phone numbers all on a 2 year plan for sprint. that plan is about to expire and i am wondering if i should stick with sprint?
we need unlimited minutes and text and the best plan for the cheapest price

do you know of any suitable plans for my family and the cheapest deals?

so please, which wireless carrier should we pick!?

please help, add your own experiences if you need to


Best answer:

Answer by Ronny G
well obviouslt t mobile!
you can choose from a variety of texting fones.
also the plans are amazingly cheap
i pay 40 dollers for 1500 minutes.
and unlim. texting is 15 dollas a month
1000 text messages is only 10 dollas a month
and 400 text messages is only 5 dollas a month
so if you want unlimited stuff.....
the unlimited plan plus the unlimited texting service...
every month yur total price will be...130 dollas fur da plan
and 15 dollas for da texting
so its 145 dollas plus tax.
which is only about 9 dollers
whixh is 154 dollas and w.e cents
so tmobile is the best!

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One thought on “What is the better wireless carrier for me?”

  1. Hi There!

    We had three phones on our family plan with T-Mobile – my wife’s Sidekick, my Blackberry and my nephew’s Blackberry. It took a little bit-fiddling at first to find the right plan – one that gave us enough minutes each month so that we used them all (or almost all of them) without going over. That is the trick to the equation (and it’s how cell co’s make money on these “family plans”) – if you go way under on the minutes you use, then the cell companies win big. Let’s say you buy a 1500 minute monthly plan for $ 129.99 – that comes out to about $ .09 per minute. At month end, you find that your family only used 725 minutes. Well, guess what? You just paid $ .18 per minute – DOUBLE – and lost most of the value of that family plan!

    Conversely, the family plans with bulk minutes usually have VERY HIGH rates if you go over your bucket minutes. Ours was $ .40 per minute. So in our case, if we bought the same 1500 minutes for $ 129.99, but we went over by 400 minutes in a given month, our add-on charge for minutes over our bucket would be an additional $ 160.00 – that’s PLUS the $ 129.99 we paid for the first 1500 minutes. Broken down per minute, we just took out $ .09 per-minute great family rate and turned it into an average rate of FIFTEEN CENTS a minute.

    The other “gotcha” with the family bundle plans is that none to my knowledge let you roll-over unused minutes into the next month – so it’s use it or lose it on the bucket minutes.

    Some things to consider:

    Teens and older pre-teens use mostly text minutes and instant messaging, so having an unlimited data plan and unlimited text is very important if you are giving phones to your kids.

    Men don’t use many minutes, in general, unless they are sales professionals or betting on sports. Most men’s cell calls are of very short duration – two minutes is a ong call where a man is concerned.

    Women (at least n our house) use the majority of the minutes. My wife runs our household since I am disabled – she is coordinating the schedules of three people – me, my 5 year old son, and herself. She is involved in some community activities as well. On a slow month, she uses between 1,100 and 1,650 minutes. So, for our family, a 2,000 minute bundle from T-Mobile that included unlimited data plans for all three of us and unlimited texting, plus free mobile-to-mobile minutes and free nights and weekends, was the right plan. The base cost of that plan was $ 129.99 a month, plus $ 9.99 for each additional phone (bringing us up to $ 149.97 a month, and another $ 10 per phone for unlimited texting and internet data – $ 30 total), so exclusive of taxes, our monthly bill was $ 179.97 – not too shabby for three people to get to talk basically all they want.

    Recently, my wife decided she wanted an iPhone (from Apple) – this required us to switch her phone service from T-Mobile to AT&T – so I had to pay T-Mobile $ 200 for “early termination” of her contract. That was the bad news. The good news is that with my wife off the plan, my nephew and I dropped down to a 1,000 minute a month bucket with unlimited text and data, free weekends and free mobile-to-mobile, and the monthly cost is $ 99.00 before tax. So, tht’s another “gotcha” – if you decide you’re unhappy and leave a carrier, you may have to pay for the privilege. Make sure to listen real closely to the “fine print” when you select a carrier.

    If you do the math and break it down – look at your last year’s usage on a month by month basis, and average it out – and choose a plan that seems to match the numbers, you can get a deal from just about any carrier you like and it’ll work out fine.

    Lastly, don’t be afraid to work one carrier against another – they usually have special deals that are not advertised and that they can break out and offer on the spot if it means keeping you. Call Sprint and tell them exactly what you want, and once you have their best price in writing, confirm the name of the person you spoke with. Then, call their competitors – AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. Tell them what Sprint offered you and ask them to beat it – and they will! Write that info down, including the person you spoke with – and then call ANOTHER company and do the same thing. At day’s end you will know you’ve gotten the best possible deal, and you’re getting everything you want and then some! It may seem time-consuming, but this is a bill you’ll have to live with for TWO YEARS – it is worth putting the time in to figure it all out on the front side.

    Good luck – if you get stuck drop me a note & I’ll help you bail the boat.

    Dave G.

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