what is the sk3 trick to increase JPEG quality?

Question by cim_714: what is the sk3 trick to increase JPEG quality?
also does anyone know any of more tricks/codes for tha sk3(sidekick 3)

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Answer by Goliath
Did not find th JPEG trick but you can try these.
Hidden Game (SnowBored)-Go to "Settings", then "About Sidekick3", then press and hold Menu,shift,and 8 buttons at the same time. Then release and the game will come up.
While playing mp3 music, go to your email and play a song downloaded from sidekicktones.com, for instance.
Get an acapella mp3 in your phone, like (the game) flowing, no music, play the song. Have a instrumental downloaded from sidekicktones.com in your enail. Play the acapella mp3 song, go to your email and play the insrumental. Now you can listen to a remix of a song
You can now put themes on your phone, www.sk3themes.com

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