What is wrong with the BlackBerry Application Loader Wizard?

Question by eliteguard91: What is wrong with the BlackBerry Application Loader Wizard?
I'm trying to download the Handmark Express into the BlackBerry but every time the Wizard window appears it doesn't show my phone as connected or let me do a scan at all while on the contrary the phone is connected via USB cable and I have the Desktop Manager Installed in the P.C. Please help me. My phone is a BlackBerry Curve 8300 if it helps.

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Answer by Jessica P
This is going to sound weird, but here is what you have to do -- I just had the same problem with my new Bold yesterday.

With the BlackBerry connected via USB and your desktop manager running do a hard battery pull.

This means pulling the battery out of your device while it is powered on. Leaving everything connected, wait 30 seconds and replace the battery.

When your device powers on again it will be recognized by the desktop manager software.

You may want to do a wipe of your device if you are constantly running into problems - here is a link that discusses these issues :

Surprisingly, a hard battery pull will solve the majority of "internal" problems you will face with your device.

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Question by ☻☻☻☻☻: Did Obama's lack of executive experience become evident when he insisted he have a BlackBerry?
The need for a BlackBerry shows he's trying to micro-manage the entire govt and always wants to know every little detail. A good executive will put good people in key positions to monitor and manage the fine details of their dept. What Obama is doing will result in a stress overload and he'll start making major mistakes and we'll pay the price.
I do a lot of IT work for high-level executives and several don't even have a computer on their desk.
These people are decision makers, not playing ball breaker all day.

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Answer by Forget War Buy More (RPCV)
I don't know one executive who doesn't have a blackberry.

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16 thoughts on “What is wrong with the BlackBerry Application Loader Wizard?”

  1. exactly, he needs to email all day long while exposing himself to risk.
    But, what else would you expect?

  2. He also had to have private communication with his terrorist friends….like hey Saddam let have lunch in hell tomorrow…..ok…noon…awesome….cya there!

  3. Gots to keep it touch with the HOOD! Doing a good job so far! Check the link , first time since 2002!

  4. Add to this, Obama does not understand security and the problem of keeping his communications away from terrorist.

    Another proof of his lack of executive experience is all the tax evaders he wanted to add to his government. As for Daschle, Obama stated that he did not want two sets of rules, meaning, Citizens must follow the law and Government officials do not have to. If this is correct, why did he keep pushing for Geithner.

    Obama does have two sets of standards and we are just seeing the tip of the ice berg.

  5. I think the BlackBerry situation demonstrated his lack of maturity and his narcisism more, as if the rules don’t apply to him.

  6. Ummmmmmm….i think you are over reacting a little drink some water and take a nap and then think about what you just said and slap yourself in the face as hard as you can

  7. It is evident in that he doesn’t seem to understand how the Senate process works. He hasn’t spent much time on the Senate floor and as a Jr. Senator, he voted “present” more time than anything else so how would he know how the process works? Did he really think Nancy Pelousy could be trusted with 800 Trillion dollars? What a baffoon.

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