What to do after dropping a Nokia 5300 phone in the toilet?

Question by Steve: What to do after dropping a Nokia 5300 phone in the toilet?
Just this moment i dropped my Nokia 5300 xpress music phone down the toilet and it cut off.
I tried drying the back of the phone and the battery with alcohol wet towlets and dried it off with a dry paper towel and then i tried turning it on but it still didnt work.
does anyone have any tips i could use or a solution?

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Answer by i <3 kyle m
dry it completly and then check if it works after that

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Question by bruce: my nokia n73 music edition crashes wen i get to the gallery?
i bought a nokia n73 music edition a couple of days back. it gets really really slow when i go into the gallery and i cant see the preview of images too...
please help.
my friend asked me to update all its software. i have the latest firmware though (4.0376.3.2.1)..but how do i update the software?

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Answer by sheakmate
Uhoh.... that is one of the side effects of the N73 once you've got it for too long... I'm sorry to tell you that the is no possible way to fix it...
however you could try to clean the phone... take out the cover batteries, SIM and mem card and thoroughly clean it with a Q-tip and some Spirt (or rubbing alcohol) then put it back together.... it should work... if NOT then too bad only way is to get a new phone...:(

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  1. did you take the battery out after? cuz water and electricity dont mix if you did that then let it dry out for 3 to 4 days

  2. You can also let it set in rice, rice absorbs the water and it should be fine, and remove the battery, a hair dryer works too!

  3. Immediately stop reading this and take the battery out.

    Now that you’ve done that, SOAK the phone in alcohol, to flush all the dirt and minerals off it (Inside, on the printed circuit board – if you can’t take it apart, drop it in a jar of alcohol and swish it around). then let it dry.

    Since you turned it on wet, there’s not much hope, but if you’re lucky nothing was damaged, and the alcohol absorbed all the water. Leave it with no battery for at least 2 days. Then try it.

    If you’re friendly with a local cellphone store employee, see if they’ll open it and give it an alcohol bath for you.

    Next time, get the battery out as quickly as possible. (I’ve saved dozens of dunked phones, but only 2 that were turned on after being dunked. The current flow causes damage that shows up days or even weeks later, and the phone is dead.)

  4. Just let it dry. Be patient. It might take two or three days but it will probably come back to life.

    Meanwhile, if you must use alcohol, pour it over a few ice cubes, add a twist of lemon, and drink it.

  5. More than likely, when you tried turning it back on, after not letting it dry out, inside first.

    You fried part of the circuit board and the phone is now dead.

    But, take the battery out, leave the battery or back cover off,

    Place the phone, with the battery opening, cover opening facing downward,

    And leave the phone alone for two or three days.

    Do not use a hair dryer, you can melt internal components.

    Then put the batter in and try it out, if it still doesn’t work, buy a new cell pnone.

  6. TAKE OUT THE BATTERY! There may be hope, but that depends on if you shorted the thing out…it took two swims and a drop in a glass of soda (long story) before my ol’ phone died…just let it dry out well…don’t turn it on or plug it in for at least 3 days…and maybe take it to a repair place just to be safe.

  7. bro same thing happend to me kinda. i drop my nokia over a bridge. dont ask. it still works and all but my screen is really cracked. here is what i did i jus dryed it off with a towel. my unlucky friend did the same thing as me once a gain dont ask. he called tmobile and they got him a new phone. so ya good luck.

  8. Unless your phone is from Asia Pacific, there is no update available yet after 4.0376.3.2.1. What you can do is to backup all data and do a formatting. To do that, reinstall current firmware from PC suite or press “*#7370#” from phone. It will be better and faster after formatting.

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