What’s a cheap device that I can type text on and then transfer the text to the Internet or to my netbook?

Question by Francis: What's a cheap device that I can type text on and then transfer the text to the Internet or to my netbook?
I have a BlackBerry that I use to write long documents. I save the documents by sending them to myself in emails. But I want to leave my Blackberry at home and write documents on the beach and at other places where my Blackberry could get easily damaged or stolen. That's why I'm looking for something cheap, maybe around $ 75 or less.

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Answer by Carl N
Hmmm, cheap device. How about an $ 80 netbook? https://www.eglobalwireless.com/c-187-netbooks.aspx?gclid=COjCtJDW66UCFQty5Qod7X1aAg

Couple this with a free copy of LibreOffice http://www.libreoffice.org/ and you have a fuller keyboard and are pretty close to budget.

EDIT: Thanks for the heads up. I was going to order a couple of "open box" machines from them since I think the lime green unit is cute. Saved me the trouble. Geeze, on paper it looked pretty good. I've bookmarked the site you posted.

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