Where can I get a tip calculator for my phone?

Question by crawdaddydoo92: Where can I get a tip calculator for my phone?
I have a sony Ericsson w580i with AT&T Wireless. I recently was looking through my friends Tracfone, an LG something or other candy bar style phone, and it had a tip calculator. I was hoping to find one I could get for my phone but I only see them for smart phones.

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Seriously? People are so bad at math they need a tip calculator? Just choose a percentage you want to tip and do it in your head. If you can't, just use the regular phone calculator.

Take the bill amount and multiply it by the percentage you want to tip. That will give you the total tip amount.

Easiest way to do percentages like that is to break them down. For example if the bill is $ 30.00 and you want to tip 15% first do 10% of 30.00 which is $ 3.00 then 5% which is $ 1.50 (notice the 5% value is half the 10% value). Add them together and your tip total is $ 4.50. $ 34.50 would be the total.

Be nice and tip 20% and it's even easier. Two 10%s. $ 3.00 + $ 3.00 = $ 6.00 $ 36.00 would be the total.

Make it easy on yourself and round bills and do the percentages of the rounded amount. Also, it's not like there is some tipping rule where you have to tip an exact percentage. Just make it easy on yourself and tip close to what the percentage would be. For example, I usually tip 20% so if I were to get a $ 33.25 bill, I would tip $ 6.75, to make it a round $ 40.00 and I'd be tipping close to 20%

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