3 thoughts on “which is better…nokia 6680 or sony ericsson w810?”

  1. my bro has the nokia 6680 and i have the sony ericsson w810i. he likes his, but the sonyericsson comes with so many more features; if you have a computer, you can put a lot of music onto there. It’s kind of like an iPod, but it works well with 1 gig of music and as far as being a telephone, i have cingular and get 4-5 bars everywhere i go. It’s a great phone, and i recommend it to anybody. I don’t read instruction manuals, so i keep learning these neat little things about it; the camera has a lot of tricked out features (and a 4.0 megapixel picture; most excellent), the walkman works with or without headphones, FM radio w/ the headphones; when you’re adding music from your computer, it automatically charges from the USB port; personalized ringtones for certain callers, and, of course, a flashlight that sort of blinds people, so that’s fun… but, like i said, i really really recommend the sony ericsson; it’s easy to use, too, but it did cost me an arm and a leg ($ 400 before the two rebates)…..

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