Will the new iPhone send your fingerprints to the government?

Question by Joe Cappelli: Will the new iPhone send your fingerprints to the government?
I heard In the news that the new iPhone will have an option to scan your fingerprints as a way to unlock it.

Apple also admitted that they would be sending fingerprints to a database for the government to use so they could "catch criminals".

Is all of this true? And if so, has there been any outrage? Or are the American people just going to turn a blind eye to it?

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Answer by celvin
Corporations ARE the government . There's an absence of separation of power that nobody ever talks about on the Corporate media - for some reason!!!.

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6 thoughts on “Will the new iPhone send your fingerprints to the government?”

  1. well what will the finger print do.
    i mean the only way they would use it against you is if you broke the law

  2. All fingerprints go into a large database. Love people who say if you have nothing to hide whats the problem. The problem is they can track you and know who is using your phone, what you are surfing, what you are looking at and who you are talking to. Without the print anyone could be using your phone…but now they will know who is doing what and where.

  3. Ah I see some of you ARE awake and paying attention.

    Yes, ir is a fingerprint database gathering project, and with a little luck and great salesmanship, people will comply VOLUNTARILY all of this on their own. Yup, and you spoiled it all (this slick trick) by drawing attention to it. People were just going to do it on their own because of the status symbol associated with the EXCLUSIVE FEATURE of “unlocking your smart phone” exclusively with your very own fingerprint.

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