18 thoughts on “Xperia arc™ S – Battery life”

  1. +Yu Yaoyang
    Hi Yu. I’m sorry to hear you’re having battery life issues. I recommend you
    backup your data, perform a software repair and see our battery life
    maximization tips. If the issue persists the next step would be to test
    another battery or have it evaluated and serviced.
    Here are the the links:




    – Andrés

  2. My Xperia s phone won’t even turn on and I’ve tryed to reset it but it’s
    dead.ive had problems with charging it ,having too put it on angle to get
    it to charge for months but now it won’t at all. Please helppp

  3. I don’t think it got laggy or anything but the it definitely took its toll
    on battery life. Although I use the camera a lot for filming the battery
    can only handle so much. For you to get an idea, I charged it yesterday at
    about 9 pm, turned it off to go to sleep at 3 am, turned it on at 1 pm and
    it’s already with 85% (with 8 hours of usage).

  4. I wish I knew about the 4.0 update…my battery got worst since I updated.
    Thanks for the tips man! Anything else? I have an Arc S for almost two
    years now and the battery varies from 1-2 days. Usually gets to 60% in 24
    hours of average use.

  5. Sony makes most user-friendly products than any other company… and they
    are sexy as well…! i love you SONY..!! 😀

  6. Is it okay use my phone wail I’m walking in sun light and the sun hit the
    screen and screen look likes rainbow color

  7. I had one of this model and it suffered occasional falls but it managed
    though I can’t say it the same will be in your case so we could only hope
    you’re careful with your phone. -Josh

  8. It is fine to use the phone while under the sun and it will not cause any
    harm to your phone. -Josh

  9. The only effect it will have is that the charge at a slower pace therefore
    taking longer to fully charge the phone however it will have not negative
    effect on the battery. -Josh

  10. @Drsyzmrzack I’d suggest to charge the phone until it gives you the message
    that your phone is “fully charged”. -Josh

  11. can you tell me if i use this mobile while it is connected with charger and
    it is fully charged, will it effect the battery life? tell me quickly

  12. Is it normal that my phone indicates that the charger needs to be unplugged
    when the battery has reached , say 85% ?

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